Remember Phil Beastall, the director of the Love is a Gift video that brought the world to tears last Christmas? And a few months later, the one who evoked the same heart-wrenching emotions by directing British rising-star Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved video? Today, we are thrilled to announce that Phil has written and directed CARONES Vision’s first video entitled “One life. See it.”. To be clear, this is not a commercial. It is a story about two people living their day-to-day lives with imperfect vision. It is a story of father and daughter who reconnect through the process of improving their sight. It is a story of new beginnings, leaving the past behind to collect dust. ⠀

We launch this campaign to bring awareness to individuals the possibility of living life and seeing all that it has to offer without a barrier between them and the world. So, thank you, Phil, for making bringing this concept to life!