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Who can do it?

For some, it is a necessity. Pilots, dancers, military personnel, athletes, chefs… These are examples of professions or situations where the use of glasses is neither appropriate nor comfortable, and where contact lenses may create difficulties. For many, finding a definitive solution to eliminate glasses and contact lenses becomes almost imperative; for everyone, glasses and contact lenses are a hassle, a constraint. Things that make daily life less practical, less comfortable, less efficient, don’t you think? TodayMyopia, astigmatism and hyperopia can be definitively corrected in a safe, fast and effective way. Get in touch with our team. We’ll explain how easy it is to evaluate which solution is right for you. You will discover how freedom from glasses and contacts can be safe, certain and precise. And that the value of what you’ll get is much greater than the cost…

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Myopia, Astigmatism, Hyperopia

We evaluate together your current vision problem, and together we decide the best strategy to lead you to a life without glasses. Solutions suitable for addressing and solving all of these defects include Femto-Lasik, PRK or refractive intraocular lenses. And CARONES Vision is always by your side

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A need, a desire, a wish…

For many people, glasses are a constraint that cause daily annoyance, social hardship, and professional difficulty. Many people are professionally limited by their glasses and the vision defects that they correct. And then there are people who have a desire–or a dream–to get out of bed without having to reach for their nightstand in search of their sight… For everyone there is the possibility to take a step forward. Indeed hundreds, thousands, millions of steps forward: an excursion that lasts a lifetime, without glasses. Let’s talk together

Technology and Solutions

Safety. This is our primary focus of any of the solutions we offer. And to achieve your desired outcome safely, we conduct a series of highly sophisticateddiagnostic exams, investigating every aspect of your vision, thus allowing us toselect only the right procedure for you.

Precision and efficacy. To eliminate the vision defect for good, thanks to proven advanced technologies, and to achieve your final visual goal: this is our mission. We are at your complete disposal to evaluate the best solution for you


The femtosecond laser to create a microsheet of tissue with micrometric accuracy, the excimer laser to correct the defect in sight. A few anesthetic eye drops, a few seconds under each laser, a few hours of blurriness, and no more glasses or contacts. This is the most advanced, sophisticated and proven technique to correct your vision, providing unmatched accuracy and almost immediate recovery. Contact us for any further explanation. From the next day you’re really free

How much does it cost?

The cost for freedom from glasses and contact lenses-with instant recovery of vision! -is comparable to that of two high-end smartphones plus a few accessories… After that, you will finally be free to use your smartphone! The phone, however, you’ll continue to upgrade every few years, while your eyesight will no longer change


If FEMTO-Lasik is not right for you, the best solution may be PRK using only the excimer laser to correct the defect. A few anesthetic eyedrops, a few seconds under the laser, a few days of discomfort and no more glasses or contacts. This technique involves a slower recovery than FEMTO-Lasik but the accuracy remains the same. A few weeks and perfected sight is back

How much does it cost?

The cost of freedom from glasses and contact lenses, with a bit slower recovery, is comparable to a two-week all-inclusive holiday on the Red Sea. But think what a pleasure the next trip would be without glasses or contact lenses! And as the journey ends, the freedom to see continues

Refractive Intraocular Lenses

When the visual defect is too high for FEMTO-Lasik or PRK, you may be a candidate for implantable lenses, similar contact lenses except they are placed inside the eye. Anesthetic eyedrops for an operation that takes only a few minutes, performed in a sterile environment. No pain during or after the procedure, immediate recovery, and the next day you are already free from glasses and contacts

How much does it cost?

The cost for freedom from glasses and contacts using refractive intraocular lenses is comparable to that of a mid-range scooter. After that, you will have even more fun riding about town, and you will do it more safely. And though you will eventually need to buy a new motorbike… your vision, however, will remain the same!