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Permanently getting rid of glasses is a desire for many and a necessity for some. If you want to get rid of the glasses, avant-garde solutions are available.

But what if you have a pathology that prevents you from having laser vision correction or other procedures? Do you have keratoconus, thin corneas or have you been simply discouraged from surgery? Your eyes do not tolerate generic contact lenses? You can’t really stand them?

CARONES Vision offers you an efficient and effective solution to avoid always depending only on glasses: Personalized contact lenses. Customized for your eye and for your specific problem or vision defect. To carry out the day hassle-free, without even realizing it

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Hyperopia, Myopia and Astigmatism

Our Advanced Contact Center offers a personalized and effective solution for any patient and for any visual defect, moderate or high. Depending on your daily needs and the characteristics of your cornea, we will select the safest and most effective type of lens to achieve the highest quality vision and life.

Children and contact lenses

The contact lenses in younger patients can aid in sports performance, as well as in preventing the furtherdevelopment or evolution of myopia or other defects.

We teach our youngest patients how to use their first contact lenses. We follow them individually and affectionately, to always ensure the adequacy of the lenses and their safety

Keratoconus and irregular corneas

When glasses no longer provide sufficient vision correction, contact lenses present an incredible opportunity to return to a normal lifewithout compromise. The various types of contact lenses, starting from soft silicone-hydrogel to the more sophisticated scleral RGP, will allow you to obtain the most comforteven if you have keratoconus or irregular corneas.

CARONES VisionMiopia

Advanced Contact Center

Born from the experience of CARONES Vision and directed by Dr. Orth. Giancarlo Falcicchio. Its specific purpose is to identify for each patient and each eye the best possible solution, especially in the most complex cases where the standard contact lenses are not tolerated or do not provide optimal vision

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A need, a desire, a wish…

For many people glasses are a constriction, a daily annoyance, a social hardship, a source of professional difficulty. Among our patients we have many airline pilots, various professionals in the field of surgery, entertainment personalities, people for whom glasses and vision defects are serious professional limitations. And then there are the people who have a desire–or a dream–to jump out of bed without looking for their “eyes” on the nightstand. For everyone there is the possibility to take a step forward. Indeed hundreds, thousands, millions of steps forward: an excursion that lasts a lifetime, without glasses.

Diving into the water or wearing makeup without glasses, entering the sauna without fogging your lenses… Perfect solution with the laser. But if you can’t… Contact lenses! Try them. And Live Well

Technology and Solutions

There is no single “perfect ” contact lens; instead there are many ideal solutions for each single person and each single eye. Soft, gas permeable, compound, hybrid, scleral and miniscleral…

Soft lenses in hydrogel and silicone-hydrogel

The most sought -after materials in terms of oxygen transmissibility and dehydration resistance allow you to safely enjoy crisp vision and high comfort for the entire day. Suitable for a dynamic lifestyle, from professional to sports. And especially safe even in paediatric patients

RGP Lenses

Specialized application solutions to resolve high visual defects and corneal irregularities, that ensure constant oxygenation of the cornea, greater safety of use and vision without imperfections.

An excellent indication for those seeking maximum visual recovery, respecting the physiology of the cornea

Hybrid and Scleral Lenses

The most innovative and sophisticated technologies to serve patients with high defects or irregular corneas. They are an option for patients when other types of lenses are not appropriate, are poorly tolerated or unstable, or when patients suffer from a dry ocular surface. They allow dailyt activities to be carried out safely, allowing patients torediscover the pleasure of vision without limitations