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reading glasses

Who can do it?

Everyone eventually loses their near vision, and for everyone it creates quite a problem. For people whom have never used corrective lenses it is like trying to adapt to very uncomfortable conditions (like never having your glasses nearby when they are needed…). For those who already use glasses, it becomes necessary to have a second or third pair, or graduate to progressive lenses, which not everyone tolerates. Even for people who use contact lenses, it is eventually necessary to use “cheaters” to read…

Why not break free from all of these hassles? Presbyopia, like other vision defects, can be corrected by itself and also when it is combined with myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. Solutions are available today that can offer total visual freedom, providing the pleasure of living without glasses now and into the future.

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It is an age-related visual defect (it appears in our 40s) that causes difficulty in near focus and can be in addition to preexisting defects (myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia). There are no drugs that can prevent nor cure presbyopia. The “method” traditionally used for the correction of presbyopia is the use of bifocal, progressive, or reading glasses or the use of multifocal contact lenses.

Today, thanks to the advances of modern refractive surgery, it is possible to correct presbyopia with a fast and safe procedure that reduces or completely eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses

A need, a desire, a wish…

For many people, glasses are a constraint that cause daily annoyance, social hardship, professional difficulty. For many people, glasses, contact lenses and a defective vision limit their personal and professional goals. And then there are those who have the desire – or dream – to jump out of bed in the morning without searching for their glasses. For everyone there is the possibility to take a step forward. Indeed hundreds, thousands, millions of steps forward: an excursion that lasts a lifetime, without glasses

Technology and Solutions

There is no single right solution for everyone; instead there are best personal solutions relative to each individual patient. Age, anatomy, pre-existing defects, expectations and personal activities: these are all variable conditions that lead to the choice of your most suitable and safe solution. Our mission is to find the most suitable solution for every single person

Blended Vision

One eye that sees perfectly at distance, the other that sees better at near. Together they see a full range of vision, distance to near. Blended Vision can be achieved with the FEMTO-Lasik or PRK, with all the positive characteristics of these two techniques. Contact us for further explanation. We can’t wait to tell you everything

How much does it cost?

The cost of freedom from eyewear, thanks to Blended Vision, is comparable to that of a purse branded with the initials LV, in which you will no longer need to store your glasses. Never again. Promised


Refractive Intraocular Lenses

When indicated, implantable “contact lenses” may be placed inside the eye. Anesthetic drops for an operation that takes only a few minutes, performed in a sterile environment. No pain before, during or after the procedure. Immediate recovery. The next day you are already free from glasses. Contact us for any further explanation, we’ll tell you how you can do it

How much does it cost?

The cost for gaining freedom from glasses with refractive intraocular lenses is comparable to that of two annual passes with VIP seats to watch your favorite team play. You can recap every single play of the game and read the final scores of your favorite team in full freedom. Contact us for a complete quotation. We are ready for the next championship

Multifocal Intraocular Lenses

Once we hit our 50s, we can replace the natural crystalline with a multifocal intraocular lens to correct any defect in sight, including presbyopia. To see well at near, distance, and everything in between. The surgery is performed in a sterile environment with the femtosecond laser. A few anesthetic drops for an operation that lasts only a few minutes. No pain before, during or after the procedure. Immediate recovery, the next day you are already free from glasses and contacts. Contact us for further explanation, it’s never too late. Believe

How much does it cost?

The cost for freedom all glasses and contacts with multifocal intraocular lenses is comparable to that of a city car with a navigator on the dashboard. To drive from there onwards in maximum safety, with the road, navigator, and dashboard always in focus. With today’s car and all future automobiles. Contact us for a complete quotation. Your safety is our goal