A better way to treat

dry eye

Stop itching, painful, tearing, red and irritated eyes!

Dry eye syndrome and tear film issues are very frequent ocular pathologies: they affect almost 20 percent of the population, with more and more bothersome symptoms as age progresses.

A modern lifestyle, which includes prolonged computer and digital screen use, artificial lights, air pollution, frequent use of contact lenses, and air conditioning often result in consequences such as chronic inflammation of the eyelids, redness, burning, and frequent styes.

Until now, there were no really effective therapeutic solutions for those who suffered from dry eyes. And the treatments available were often insufficient to overcome the profound discomfort experienced by patients.

Thanks to the experience of the Dry Eye Center, directed by Dr. Luca Vigo, CARONES Vision offers a wide range of avant-garde treatments specially designed for this purpose, aimed at solving the problem.

How can we help you?

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If you want know more about tear film health, visit the page of the Dry Eye Center

Dry Eye Center

The Dry Eye Center was born from the experience of CARONES Vision, since 1963 the reference point for ophthalmology in Milan. It is directed by Dr. Luca Vigo, who is specialised in dealing with problems related to tear film dysfunction and dry eye syndrome

Recover Serenity

A need, a desire, a wish…

A feeling of relief. It is not easy to describe what it feels like when you have a dry eye. The inconveniences are many, various, and annoying. But everyone agrees that when you overcome the problem with the help of a specialised center, the most rewarding sensation you experience is relief. How to remove that constant scowl. How to delete a sandpaper film. The forehead calms, no more fear of encountering a digital screen, a clear sky, a gust of wind

Technology and Solutions

The availability of advanced diagnostics and treatments of tear film disorders has recently expanded exponentially in relation to the social impact of the problem. Until a few years ago, therapy relied solely on eye drops and artificial tears. Today we have efficient and safe solutions, based on precise and specific diagnostic criteria to identify the cause of the problem, and finally solve it

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

As with dermatology, pulsed light therapy is sometimes used to stimulate parts of the body; in this case, the lacrimal glands. Each treatment is fast, carried out in 3-4 cycles and completely painless. There are no contraindications and the result produces long-lasting benefits, with the possibility of carrying out further cycles over time

How much does it cost?

The cost for a full treatment with intense pulsed light is comparable to that of a weekend getaway for two at a hotel by the sea. To be able to enjoy these moments without constant symptoms, and to better enjoy each and every minute onward

Thermo-Mechanical Treatment (Lipiflow)

Stimulation of the lacrimal glands is obtained through a probe that, when applied to the eye, warms the eyelids and simultaneously cleans the glands and glandular ducts. It is carried out in a single session, it is completely painless and there are no contraindications. The result produces permanent or long-lasting benefits, with the possibility of performing additional treatments over time

How much does it cost?

The cost for a thermo/mechanical treatment is comparable to that of a pair of luxury shoes. How fun to show them off to friends while enjoying a social event with bright and healthy eyes!