From 1963

Over 50 years of experience fully dedicated to the well-being of your eyesight.


Professor Alessandro Valerio Carones founded the Carones Ophthalmo-Surgery Center

The Carones Ophthalmo-Surgery Center moved to new Milan headquarters at via Pietro Mascagni 20

CARONES Vision was born, a new experience built entirely around the patient’s perspective

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In the background an image of the founder, Prof. A. V. Carones

The Team

 You can face with confidence every decision related to improving your eyesight. Our surgeons, anesthesiologists, orthoptists, and all the professionals in our Centre are focused on one thing: your well-being.
Realize your desire to improve your vision thanks to our award-winning staff and state-of-the-art Center.

Dry Eye Center

Address now the well-being of your tear film.

Emergencies and ophthalmology FIRST AID

Dedicated phone line
Immediate assistance
Medical Specialists in Ophthalmology

The emergency/opthalmology FIRST AID Service is open to ALL adults and children, not only established patients of CARONES Vision


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CARONES Vision has direct and indirect agreements with most health insurances, health care funds and even directly with some employers.

Convenzioni Fasi Oftalmologia

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Blue Assistance

Pediatric Ophthalmology Visit

Your children’s vision is certainly your priority. Also for us. Book a pediatric visit to address the development of your child’s vision.

Quality Mission

To offer personalized innovative refractive solutions to address each individual’s visual problems and lifestyle needs, respecting the utmost safety and comfort. This is our mission. Do you want to know more about our procedures for quality management? We are pleased to make you aware of our strategies to support your safety.